Our goal continues to be the same as when the company began. Is to help you feel more in tune. In tune with yourself, your space, and those around you. At Bavilo, we believe that when you feel relaxed and comfortable, both physically and mentally, you’re able to truly be yourself and enjoy even the smallest moments. Our products are designed to not only offer a one of a kind feeling but are also versatile, functional, and modular with many sensory and health benefits. So you can curate a selection of Bavilo essentials to help you feel your best in any space!


We offer an ultra-comfortable, durable and long-lasting product at a competitive price, all while providing an incredible customer experience. Our promise is that we will continue to work our hardest to provide these things to every person who visits our website. We look forward to delivering on that promise to you!




You can call us at: +1 2079-008-996

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304 S. Jones Blvd , Las Vegas, NV, 89107 , United states..