BaviloBag© - 7-foot Huge bean Bag with 400L of high quality filling included

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Discover what it's like to sit on a cloud in your humble home by bringing this huge fur BaviloBag©

Features of the BaviloBag©:

Durable - This large beanbag is made from a durable, high abrasion material that increases its strength with waterproofing. Place it in any room without worry.

PERFECT FOR Gatherings - Our giant fur stool can accommodate multiple children and people. Whether it's your birthday or a class reunion, with our beanbag you're well prepared.

Lightweight Design - It's so light that you can easily move it from one corner to another.

Extreme comfort - Our round stool offers you a level of comfort that you can only dream of. The moment you sit down, you'll feel like you're floating on clouds.

PREMIUM QUALITY -The faux fur pouf creates the softest seat in your home and makes everyone fight for their place first.

This giant bag can be placed in a corner of the bedroom or in front of the TV, allowing you to enjoy your favorite show from the most comfortable spot imaginable.


We GUARANTEE it will completely change the meaning of what feels comfortable.
With 400L of high quality bean bag filling included, Say goodbye to the search for bean bag fillers .

Get the comfortable and luxurious bean bag you've always wanted
Mobile and easy to move (roll around)


You'll LOVE the way BaviloBag© feels:

The soft fur and plush fabric not only makes for a great texture and look, but also makes it incredibly soft! Our beanbag is suitable for all ages. Whether you're playing video games all day, reading your favorite book, or spending quality time with someone special, this luxury oversized bean bag sofa promises comfort and a warm effect.

 Machine washable removable cover.

ThThe 7-foot BaviloBag© is the perfect product for two or three adults. It's definitely a product where you want to make sure you have enough space. We use furniture grade foam and the softest fabric available.

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